Like many Madeira´s families, the Alves and the Barros, with roots in Sao Martinho, right there on the edge of the city of Funchal, in their backyards they had passion fruit, tamarillo (known in Madeira as English tomato) suriname cherry trees, strawberry guava trees, and a whole of species that have the unique flavors and aromas.

São Martinho with his magnific clime, is the birthplace of the jams produced today by the young company Alves de Barros, Lda.

The recipe made from juicy and aromatic fruits was started over one hundred years. The secret have gone through several generations and today what we can prove is the result of a wonderful ideia.

In the chest of homemade flavors long saved by Alves family, three young Alves de Barros sisters, and his Alves uncle found homemade recipes of their grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

The result is a challenge to the unraveling of flavors and memories or were not Passion Fruit and Tamarillo Jam, produced by Alves de Barros Lda, on an old family house, adapted to receive the factory and corporate headquarters.

At times it was there that the family joined in fellowship and transmitted to younger teachings and knowledge.

The environment marked by Santo da Serra green trees, in the northeast of the Madeira Island, revealing the blue background in the immense sea, was conducive to tasting flavors such as passion fruit, which are on the list of jams with Alves de Barros brand, and Tamarillo, present all year, but essential in Madeira Christmas.

Alves de Barros, Lda.

Estrada Regional 207, nº 308

9200-231 ÁGUA DE PENA



Phone: +351 291 522 577

Email: geral@alvesdebarros.com

It is a Madeiran company, based in Machico, dedicated to the production, processing and marketing of products originating in Madeira.

Thus, the company reflects the identity of the island in the diversity of sweets and other products derived from fruit grown in Madeira.

To ensure the quality of our products , we follow the producers throughout the process from the plant fruit to reception in our factory.


Dissemination, promotion and distribution of high quality products.


The production processes of our products are subject to the rules of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) performed by an independent entity.

Thus, we are ensuring food safety of products Alves de Barros, as well as its quality.